Bob Marley & The Wailers T-shirt No Woman No Cry lyrics T-sh

Bob Marley & The Wailers T-shirt

No Woman No Cry lyrics T-sh

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“In This Bright Future You Can’t Forget Your Past”

Bob Marley T-shirts have always given us a bit of a problem. Nothing to do with Bob himself, but a section of his 'fans' that wear most Bob Marley T-shirts. You know the idiots, the ones that seem only to celebrate his drug use rather than his music. Bob Marley's image has been hijacked by chavs and pikeys thinking they are being so rebellious by wearing something that promotes reefer. Now, whether you choose to smoke weed is neither here nor there, our objection is the sullying of the memory of a musical genius and visionary by people that couldn't tell Bunny Wailer from Bugs Bunny. So hopefully, this Bob Marley T-shirt will give real fans an new option

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