Curtis Mayfield Superfly inspired Youngblood Priest T-shirt

Curtis Mayfield Superfly inspired Youngblood Priest T-shirt

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I know that New York is always cool and that these days it is safe to go pretty much anywhere without too much fear of getting mugged, but surely it is no coincidence that post-Giuliani New York hasn't thrown out the same level of inner city creativity? From punk's heartland in the Bowery to the soul sounds of Harlem, today's New York simply doesn't have it in it to throw up another Superfly. Anyone today wearing a big fedora, wide labels and driving an old school Cadillac Eldorado is just a poser - but in 1972, they were SUPERFLY! Just like this Curtis Mayfield inspired Superfly T-shirt - a tribute to Superfly anti-hero Youngblood Priest.

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