IGGY POP Johnny Yen Chicken Hypnotist T-shirt Lust for Life T

IGGY POP Johnny Yen Chicken Hypnotist T-shirt

Lust for Life T

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When you pen the immortal line "I'm A Street Walking Cheetah With A Heart Full of Napalm", it would be fair to think that you'll never come close to such lyrical genius again. But then you're probably not Iggy Pop and didn't know that one day you'd come up with the brilliant "Well, That's Like Hypnotising Chickens". Chuck in Johnny Yen with his liquor and drugs and you have one of the many high points of Iggy Pop's solo career. IGGY F*CKIN POP - we salute you because you sir are a bone fide genius. If you've got a LUST FOR LIFE, then you'll need this Iggy Pop T-shirt.

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