Marvin Gaye Dr Marvins Love Clinc T-shirt Sexual Healing

Marvin Gaye Dr Marvins Love Clinc T-shirt

Sexual Healing

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Marvin Gaye inspired "Dr Marvin's Love Clinic - Specialists in Sexual Healing". Despite being a work of pure soul genius described by People Magazine as "America's hottest pop-culture turn-on", full of love, passion, longing & pure animal lust, Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing was born from a backdrop of loneliness, addiction & depression. While the world was getting off to Marvin's beautiful soul, he was sinking. Even the lawsuit that ensued from Sexual Healing's writing credits couldn't be seen through as before it got to court, Gaye lay dead at the hands of his father. Pure tragedy, but what a legacy he left as his departing gift.

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