Nirvana inspired Pennyroyal Tea T-shirt Nirvana grunge T-shirt

Nirvana inspired Pennyroyal Tea T-shirt

Nirvana grunge T-shirt

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Ok, so Pennyroyal Tea is not the most obvious choice of Nirvana track from which to draw T-shirt inspiration, but given that Kurt Cobain was never one for the obvious it somehow seemed the most appropriate. The fact that it was the single that never was, with its release as a single abandoned due to the tragic events of the 5th April 1994 also adds to our reasoning. All of these were important to us we wanted to make sure both Nirvana and Kurt Cobain were treated the appropriate respect. Whilst we appreciate some people "don't get the fuss" the fact is, is that Kurt Cobain was a cultural icon and voice of a generation.

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