Below are a few things that you should know before contacting us


We want to make it REALLY clear that we are 100% un-official. I know it is really obvious, especially when the big banner headline is GLORIOUSLY UNOFFICIAL T-SHIRTS, but we do need to make sure. The subjects featured do not endorse us, nor do we claim that they do. We are fans creating quality unique artwork T-shirts for other fans. Therefore if you were looking for an official licensed T-shirt, you will need to look elsewhere for the mainstream merchandise sellers.


Our T-shirts are NOT official

Our T-shirts are NOT endorsed

You must not buy our T-shirts if you were looking to buy official merchandise.

We are making sure you understand this as we are not pirates and are not trying to pass-off our designs as emanating from the bands concerned. You can find official licensed band T-shirts at their official websites


Everyone is concerned about internet security these days, I know we are when we place internet orders. This is why we offer the choice of the world's two most secure payment processors to complete your transaction - WorldPay and PayPal. Both WorldPay and PayPal have fully tested our site and provide you with a 100% guarantee for your money whilst shopping on-line at

WorldPay is the internet division of Streamline, the credit card transaction provider owned by RBS and NatWest, and backed by American Express. By using WorldPay we are able to offer you the highest possible levels of security.

The other option is PayPal, something that you may well be familiar with. Again, as secure as any commercial site in the world and trusted by millions.

At BathroomWall WE NEVER SEE YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS, let alone store them. When you are ready to check-out you simply choose whether you want to use your credit card to pay via WorldPay or send funds from your PayPal account, and you are then taken to their secure payment area, so their is never any opportunity for your sensitive personal financial details to be stolen from our site. The only information we do keep about are your contact details - so that we can send you the T-shirts you have ordered and keep you up to date with the special offers regularly send our customers.


Along with your security, your privacy is the most important thing to us. In the bottom right-hand corner of the page you will see a link to our full privacy policy. However, it is quite longwinded. So we thought you would like the concise version�. We are certified by the government�s data-protection policy; therefore we GUARANTEE never to pass on any of your details to ANYONE else. The information that we collect from you is simply so that we can send you the items you purchase. When you pay we never see your credit ard details, so they are never collected, let alone stored by us. All payments are processed by PayPal who have the high possible levels of customer protection, so you can shop with confidence.


You can call us between by emailing us or using the contact section of this website


You can ONLY order from Bathroom Wall by major credit card or through PayPalThis is the most secure way of processing credit card transaction on-line. At no point do we or anyone else ever see your credit card details.

Satisfaction is guaranteed, or we will refund your purchase (minus the shipping costs) provided your contact us within 21 days of your order date.



All orders are sent by tracked services

If you are kept waiting longer than the suggested times, then please contact us.


Shipping is calculated on your order as follows:

  • up to 2 items .... $8
  • up to 3 items .... $12
  • 4 or more ... free

HOWEVER, REMEMBER that if you order 4 or more shirts then the shipping is FREE. Again, this is automatically worked out and added when you make your purchase.


Probably. When you have successfully placed your order you will receive notification from both the credit card processor and from us. However this may take up to 24 hours to be received. There is also a chance that more over-zealous spam filters may have binned your confirmation, so please check in your spam or bulk email files.


We do not currently offer a telesales option


I don't know about you, but I'm a pure and unashamed culture and obscurity snob when it comes to the things I love. I love the fact that people say "who?" when they ask who that is on my T-shirt, and that that goon at the end of bar has no idea who is on my T-shirt. That is why very few of our shirts have the name of the person featured - just a reverential set of dates if they have departed this world. Let's face it, if someone needs to ask who the person on your shirt is, do you really think they are going to know who it is when you tell them?

If I wear a Bill Hicks T-shirt I don't need his name on it to tell me who it is. I wear it because I want to, not so I can tell a bunch of people that have never heard of him who it is. Then, when someone recognises who it is, you can just exchange a knowing nod.


Bloody great, even if we do say it ourselves..... All Bathroom Wall* T-shirts are hand screen printed onto quality branded heavyweight 100% cotton, usually Gildan for men's T-shirts and Fanshirt for women's T-shirts or similar. We don't use cheap boxy T-shirts that appear to have been designed to suit nobody. *The exception are lyric T-shirts which use the very latest digital flex technology to ensure the best possible crisp lines for the digits and letters


We have a whole section dedicated to sizing, but please be realistic. We don't know who you are, and won't judge you if you have been at the pies, so if you are an XL then order an XL, not a medium, and then blame us when it doesn't fit - don't laugh, it happens.


The T-shirt colour options are shown on each individual T-shirt page.

Although we can offer different coloured T-shirts, the colour of the print itself NEVER changes. If the T-shirt is printed in white, then it will have a white print regardless of the T-shirt colour chosen. Not only were they designed in that colour, but it is also not logistically viable to change the colour of a screen print for an individual shirt.

If you are adamant that you need a colour not offered, then please allow an extra 10 days for special order delivery.


We custom print every T-shirt to order, which means all T-shirts are always available in all sizes. So please do not email us asking if we have your size in stock, as we will just tell you the same thing again. We do keep large stocks of blank T-shirts and have new ones delivered twice a week.


Sorry, we are not set up to do custom orders, but there are plenty of companies that do.


Please email for wholesale details. Please do not ask for a free sample on the premise that you 'might' be interested in a bulk order. If you want a sample then you can buy a T-shirt and we will refund you the cost when your order is completed.


If you haven't got the reference already, then telling you now won't make a difference. For those that have worked it out, yes, the company was founded by a guy whose teenage years were spent listening to an assortment of dodgy hair metal bands.

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