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We're just a little ole family owned and run T-shirt company. It was founded by Alex due to his fear of a "proper job" (he used to be a journalist) and his obsession with rock n' roll (blame his dad as he claims that for the first 7 years of his life he had only heard music by Little Richard, the Rolling Stones and The Who). Why BathroomWall? Too much time in the 80s wearing cowboy boots and listening to LA hair metal.


Our T-shirts are not the licensed merchandise of any of the artists or bands mentioned (just look at the header of each page that says 'Gloriously Un-Official T-shirts'), this is one of the reasons that we do not place any trademarked logos or names on them. We do not represent our products in any way as official merchandise and only offer our designs to fans wanting an alternative to the official band products

BathroomWall is in no way affiliated to, associated with or sponsored by any of the bands or artists featured on this website. None of those named on this website have endorsed these products and we do not hold them out to have any connection with them. This website is neither affiliated to nor associated or sponsored by any of the bands or artists named

If you wish to purchase official band or artist merchandise you should contact the relevant authorised dealer.


Bathroom Wall came about because we couldn't find T-shirts of the bands we wanted, and because most official band merchandise is strictly for the crowd. Until we came along, if you wanted something seriously obscure or specialist, then you had no chance. That's why we say our T-shirts are made 'by fans, for fans'. That's also why there are a million artists that we would never put on a T-shirt, and why you will never see us selling a 'catch phrase' T-shirt. We may not all be fans of every single artist we sell, but we certainly have massive respect for each and every one of them.

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