Runaways inspired Cherry Bombs T-shirt

Runaways inspired Cherry Bombs T-shirt

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Hello daddy, hello mom... I'm your chh chhh chhh.... I still go weak at the knees even all these years later. So, which one of the Queens of Noise were you in love with Cherrie, Lita or Joan? (or wanted to be?) Yep, Cherrie Curry had the whole sexy basque thing going on and Lita Ford posters were splashed across all my friends bedroom wall, but for me it was always about Joan Jett. In fact, it still is. Joan was always has been and will always be the coolest female rocker... ever. Fact. End of story. No arguements. Never stripping off to be appease the press, yet always still super hot. Never compromising her love for rock n' roll and always crunching more attitude through that Johnny Thunders-esque Les Paul Jnr in a single riff than a thousand of today's male rock bands to manage in a career.

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