Trent Reznor T-shirt NIN Nine Inch Nails T-shirt

Trent Reznor T-shirt

NIN Nine Inch Nails T-shirt

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A musical visionary and true genius of alternative rock music. Trent Reznor with Nine Inch Nails has transcended the status of being merely iconic and has become one of the few musicians that academics, critics and fans will be talking about not just in a few years or decades to come, but in hundreds of years. For what Trent Reznor can do with seemingly any instrument is mind blowing. I remember heading off to see them supporting Guns n' Roses and only knowing that they were 'dance music for Black Sabbath fans'. I came away a lifelong convert. I hope you love this Trent Reznor NIN T-shirt as much as I do.

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