Wildhearts T-shirt Greetings From Shitsville lyrics T-shirt

Wildhearts T-shirt

Greetings From Shitsville lyrics T-shirt

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“My Vacuum Cleaner’s Blowing Out Instead of Sucking In”

I love a lot of different bands, but the Wildhearts are my favourite. In the early 90s I listened to and idolised dozens of great bands, but when the Wildhearts sprung from the wreckage of The Quireboys, Tattooed Love Boys and Dogs d’Amour a band was formed that felt like they belonged to us. They were people we knew, people we would see hanging out at the Marquee or the Intrepid Fox. Motley Crue never spoke for me, Skid Row could never relate to me, but Ginger, CJ, Danny and Bam/Stidi/Rich could. They also wrote genius songs. So wear this Wildhearts T-shirt with the same pride I do.

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