Bruce Springsteen T-shirt

Bruce Springsteen T-shirt

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Let's get this straight, in fact, let's make it a condition of sale - do not call him ‘Boss’. You heard that great live cut of Rosalita that he dedicates to his mother? Well, search it out, as in it he changes one of the lines to sing "just don't call me Boss". I may listen to lots of stuff. My musical roots may be steeped in New York punk and LA cock rock, but if I could only have one album for the rest of my life, yep, it's Born to Run. You see, I love Bruce. Not in a gay way, but in the sense that he is one of the greatest people alive, and because he has made some of my favourite pieces of music, that means more to me (and to a lot of other people too) than he will ever realise. Bruce, we salute you, and if you ever fancy a beer, just you let me know - it's my round

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