Cliff Burton Tribute T-shirt Cliff Burton Metallica T-shirt

Cliff Burton Tribute T-shirt

Cliff Burton Metallica T-shirt

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Metallica's Cliff Burton was one of the first artists we paid tribute to on a T-shirt when we opened BathroomWall, so it is about time we did so again with this 'dot style' image. After all, as true fan idol that your average Joe wouldn't know from Adam, it is rock n' roll heroes like Cliff Burton that we founded BathroomWall for. Unlike James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich, I actually liked Jason Newstead, and Robert Trujillo is clearly awesome, but just listen to Cliff Burton's fingers hammering away on that 4000 series on Master of Puppets. That's why we love Metallica and that's why we love Cliff Burton.

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