Elton John inspired TINY DANCER T-shirt Blue Jean Baby T-shirt

Elton John inspired TINY DANCER T-shirt

Blue Jean Baby T-shirt

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Elton John's contribution to popular culture is rightly debated. There's no doubt he has committed grievous crimes against fashion, manners, wigs & indeed music in recent years. However, like Rod Stewart, who is guilty of similar crimes, Sir Elton will always remain in artistic credit for is work in the 70s. Elton John & Bernie Taupin churned out classic after classic at such a prolific rate to the point that many works of near genius passed virtually unnoticed - Tiny Dancer was just such a track. Released in the US in 1972 (& not at all in the UK), it didn't go Gold until 2005 - thanks in part to the film Almost Famous. But that doesn't stop it providing the inspiration for this Elton John T-shirt.

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