Layne Stayley T-shirt - Alice In Chains T-shirt

Layne Stayley T-shirt - Alice In Chains T-shirt

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I was lucky enough to see Alice In Chains on their first trip outside the US when they came to London to play the Kerrang 10th Anniversary gig at the long lost Marquee Club. Before the show we met a couple of what we thought were American tourists. They were full of questions about the London rock scene. We talked for a while before we asked them their names and the skinny one of the two said "I'm Layne and this is Mike" (the Mike being AiC original bass player, Mike Starr). That night they were breathtaking. So powerful and dark, it really was like watching a 90's Black Sabbath. I saw them a few times after that but they never seemed quite as together - hey, I suppose that's what too much brown does for you.

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