PETE WAY T-shirt - UFO - Waysted - Fastway T-shirt

PETE WAY T-shirt - UFO - Waysted - Fastway T-shirt

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The only man other than Steve Tyler than can get away with such trousers, Pete Way is a true star. With UFO he made amazingly cool melodic rock, which remain criminally overlooked. Then with Waysted and Fastway, where the sound was that much harder, he still managed to create a sound so obviously his own. Then there is the work with Ozzy Osbourne, and letís face it, although Ozzy may not be too picky about his Ďcelebí company these days, he's always picked the very best musicians to work with - Pete Way is certainly no exception to that. Isn't wearing a Pete Way T-shirt the least you can do to show respect?

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