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Everybody Hurts Lyrics T-shirt

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"When The Day Is Long and the Night, The Night Is Yours Alone"

In 1993 Miserablists-in-chief Nirvana really were starting to turn every teenager's right to feel sorry for themselves into something more wallowing than felt right, so thank Christ for the comforting hug of Michael Stipe and REM with "Everybody Hurts". With REM about, having your heart crushed was so much more bearable with Michael Stipe telling you it was OK, that it happens to everyone and that even if no one else understands, he does. So in 1993 I may well have been a plaid-short-wearing, goatee-sporting disciple of Cobain, but it was Michael Stipe I turned to when my love life went down the shitter. This REM T-shirt will no doubt bring memories flooding back.

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